Spotlight: PSAL Soccer


Juan came to Energy Tech to further develop his knowledge in the engineering field, which is something he has an interest in continuing after high school. He enjoys going to school here because he enjoys being a part of the school community. According to Juan, Energy Tech "has the best teachers who are willing to help with anything”. Being a member of the soccer team has been a great experience for Juan because it “allows me and all the other students to be ourselves." 


Being able to join the soccer team at Energy Tech has had a significant i’m on Juan’s high school experience. Juan explains that, “my participation in the soccer team helped me discover parts of myself that I had forgotten about. It allowed me to create new friendships with people who share the same passion for soccer as me. It allowed me to see what true leadership is, and it helped create a space where I felt free from stress and worries. It made me want to pursue my soccer goals again and I know it gave many people a reason to wake up everyday and fight for their goals and dreams. It helped shape discipline and responsibility not only in my life but in the lives of all my teammates." 


When asked why other students should consider attending Energy Tech, Juan said “I would recommend Energy Tech for their early college programs, the sports opportunities (soccer). and the engineering aspect that allows students to explore this and many other career paths."