Day in the Life

What would a typical day look like for a student at Energy Tech?

On a typical day as a student at Energy Tech, you could expect to arrive around 8:15 am and come directly to the cafeteria. You might grab a free breakfast and begin to review homework with friends or go into the gym for a session of morning basketball. At 8:45 am, the principal and counselors call everyone to go to their first block classes.

After this brief session, students quickly head to their classes where the 9th graders might prepare for a debate on good versus evil in English class, create computer-generated geometric designs in mathematics, practice their handshake and elevator speech in College and Career Foundations, design and test a bridge in Pre-Engineering, or evaluate the beaks of finches in their Living Environment class. In classes down the hall, 10th graders are annotating and analyzing texts in English, giving one another feedback about graphs in Algebra II/Trigonometry, analyzing and writing about primary and secondary sources and documents in Global Studies, and conducting scientific experiments in our Chemistry laboratory. There are 11th and 12th grade students returning to Energy Tech from the classes they are taking at LaGuardia Community College—they are talking about the discussion they had in English 101 and the designs they are working on in their engineering labs. Toward the end of the day, you may even find groups of students in our lecture hall talking with a professor about perception and belief systems in the Critical Thinking college course that they take at Energy Tech after school. There are a few 13th and 14th grade students in the College Lounge around the corner working on their transfer applications to four-year colleges, studying for industry exams, and revising their resumes and cover letters as they prepare to apply for jobs.

As you make your way toward the exit at the end of the day, you may decide to participate in one of our many extracurricular activities such as robotics, Green Team, Korean Club, basketball, Arabic Club, Young Men's Group, Community Service Club, or Art Club. Sometimes there are even students and staff members playing table tennis in the hallways! As you leave, one of your teachers stops you in the hallway to talk to you about the essay you turned in, and encourages you to join a group of students using laptops to work on revisions. While you are there, you quickly check your grades online and make a list of work you need to do when you get home. When you leave around 5 pm, you say goodbye to some friends who are still working with the robotics team in the engineering lab, and then you walk with your friends to the train station around the block. Your days at Energy Tech are certainly full, but it is exciting to be part of a new, unique school. Even when the work is demanding, you know that you are preparing to be successful in college and in your future career.


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